Glorious Sounds: Exploring the Soundscapes of British Nonconformity, 1550-1800

Virtual Conference: 14-15th April 2021


The International John Bunyan Society welcomes you to the Glorious Sounds: Exploring the Soundscapes of British Nonconformity: 1550-1800 – a virtual conference hosted by Northumbria University, Newcastle and organised in association with the University of Bedfordshire, Keele University, Loughborough University and the University of Warwick.

‘Covenanters in a Glen‘ by Alexander Carse, The University of Edinburgh, Fine Art Collection 

This major two day multi-disciplinary conference seeks to explore the various ways that sound impacted the lives and writings of early modern Nonconformists and, in turn, their spiritual practices. It will consider:


Sacred/profane songs.

Ambient noise/s (in houses, churches, prisons).


Oral culture/s and reading aloud.

Early modern deafness.

Sound, suffering and trauma.

How did godly noises/speeches/music compete with and/or complement one another? Did the propinquity of households/meeting houses/churches hinder or help religious worship? How were the same prayers and sermons spoken/heard differently? Did silence, or its lack thereof, effect the delivery/auditory of God’s Word? In short, what sounds defined and defied British Nonconformity?

‘Hymn, Gambling with the Devil’, from John Collier’s, Human Passions Delineated (1773)

This event features notable academics and practitioners: Vera J. Camden, John Craig, Robert W. Daniel, Mary Fairclough, Eleanor Hedger, Rosamund Oates, Rosamund Paice and Matthew Stanton.

Registration for the event is free, but please consider either becoming a member of the International John Bunyan Society or making a small donation to the society.

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